Too hot to handle: Kim Wilde joins the list of the censored

So now Kim Wilde’s gone and done it. If there’s any surefire way to rescue a flagging career, it’s to make a sexy video which will be banned outright or at least from the daytime schedules. The video for her latest single, Say You Really Want Me. features the pouting starlet in bed with not one but four men. As well as being highly irresponsible in these Aids times. it’s also very silly. George Michael tried the same trick wit I Want Your Sex: mercifully it peaked at number four. Frankie’s original video for Relas was banned too: I saw it for the first time on the BBC video night of the day of the UK election, and while it wasn’t offensive, it was certainly crude in both plot and execution. With promos costing anything up to £100,000 or more, it’s a highly cynical way to spend money for publicity. And while it certainly is a guarantee of sales, there must be a better way to get a song in the chart. Like recording ya good one in the first place. one which can stand on its own two feet and not require tatty PR tricks we’ve all seen before.