TV ban on Kim’s sexy new pop video

TV chiefs banned pop star Kim Wilde’s sexy new pop video when they saw her romping on a bed with FOUR men.

They dropped it from top ITV children’s show Get Fresh, saying it was “too saucy”. The film, promoting Kim’s new hit record Say You Really Want Me, features her dancing suggestively in a figure-hugging short black shirt. Last night Kim admitted several scenes were so hot they had to be edited out of the finished product to prevent it being banned toally from television.


She said: “I was shy at first because the guys were so gorgeous. The sexiest scenes were towards the end of the filming session, by that time I was really warmed up and having a pretty good time. I decided it would be a laugh to do what the director asked.”

She said she was not surprised it had been dropped from the children’s show. An MCA record company spokesman said: “The song is suggestive, but not offensive. It is aimed at an older audience than Kim’s former image attracted.”

A spokesman for Tyne Tees TV said Kim would be allowed onto The Roxy chart show tonight.