Wilde variations

Dear Editor,
Congratulations on your excellent magazine and November’s Kim Wilde article. I would like to offer some additional information which may fill a few gaps.
I have two further singles by Ricky, “I am an astronaut” (1972, UK 18) and “I wanna go to a disco” (1974, UK 70).
I believe Kim’s first single was “Falling Out”. Although not issued in the UK, it did appear on Kim’s first LP. I have a letter from the fan club confirming this.
“The Second Time” was also issued as a standard 7″ picture disc (KIMP 1). There have been two further releases of “Say You Really Wante Me”: a 12″ Video Remix (KIMX 6) and a cassingle (KIMC 6), both released in August 1987. Only 3,000 cassingles were produced.
The reissue of the “Another Step” LP included an extra disc with four remixes of Kim’s last three singles. The CD has also been reissued with these additional tracks (D KIML KIML 1). A video EP covering the same singles has now been issued on MCA VID/VHR 3016. There is also an ‘unedited’ promo in circulation.
One further U.K. collector’s item is a fan club flexi issued for Christmas 1985 with Vol. 5, No. 2 of the fan club magazine. On this Kim sends a personal message to fan club members (FLX 443-1).
Of the non-U.K. singles, two are of particular interest. “Bitter is better”/”Boys” was originally issued in Japan in 1982 on EMI/Toshiba ERS 17225. This was recorded as an advert for a soft drink. It was also later issued in France. Also in France, “Les Nuits Sans Kim Wilde” was released by Laurent Voulzy in 1985 (RCA PB 40259) with additional vocals by Kim. Both singles are not available in any form in the U.K. If anyone wants more information on Kim Wilde, please write. I would be pleased to hear from collectors outside the U.K., to help compile an international discography, which would then be made available.
By the way, Kim’s latest projects are the “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” single by Mel (Smith) and Kim, in aid of Comic Relief, and her next album, which is scheduled for release in February.
Ray Johnson, “Touchwood”