Wilde woman

The days when Kim Wilde was a cute little teenybopper singing jolly songs have long gone.

“I’m 26 now”, she says firmly. “And I’m a woman”. For years Kim has hated being described as a sexsymbol. But now she says: “I think you become more sexually relaxed as you get older. I don’t mean that I sleep with just anyone, but sex is less of a problem, less of a big deal. When a woman can relax on the subject of sex that makes her much more sexy.”
Kim’s new outlook has persuaded her to film one of the year’s steamiest videos to promote her sizzling new single, ‘Say you really want me’.
She dresses in a series of revealing outfits and cavorts around a bedroom with four, near-naked young men.
“We picked the guys from a model agency. I was shy at first because they’re just so gorgeous”, she says. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like those kind of men. The sexiest scenes were shot towards the end of the session. By that time, I was warmed up and having a good time so I decided it would be a laugh to do what the director suggested. But it felt quite strange to find myself lying around four guys who were wearing wet boxer shorts.”
Kim says several of the scenes were so hot that they had to be edited out for fear that television companies wouldn’t have the nerve to screen them.
“I was in an absurd situation. It was one I could never imagine being in in real life. Behaving like that in private with a whole lot of guys holds no appeal. It’s not my style. I’m very monogamous. I only want to be with one person when I make love, thank you.”
Though Kim found the hunky male models widly attractive, she hasn’t dated any of them. “For some reason I don’t often find myself going out with that kind of man”, she says. “I go out with a person because of his personality. I can look at a guy and leer – but I won’t necessarily want to go out with him.”
Kim has no steady man in her life – and that suits her. “I’m honestly enjoying life now more than I ever have”, she says. “I don’t think I’ve ever had any hang-ups, but I’ve been more cagey about things in the past than I am now.
“Partly because I’ve developed much more of a sense of humour about love and sex.”
Her new attitude might owe something to the confidence of hitting number one in the States with ‘You keep me hanging on’. “That was wonderful”, she says. “It was something I’ve always wanted. Now everything seems to be going my way at last.”