World star Kim Wilde: I had my debut in Slagelse

Kim Wilde, 24, one of pop’s best known and most talented girl stars has had a major breakthrough with her latest LP ‘Another Step’. The single extract, the old Supremes hit “You Keep Me Hanging On” has just been # 1 in the United States.
The successor ‘Say you really want me’ kicks off shortly. Curiously, it is in Denmark where Kim Wilde has had her greatest and first successes.
“I’ll never forget my first concert in Slagelse. My world debut. It was great. I stayed at a hotel close to the school. The day after the concert I went for a walk and came by the school’s football field, where some boys played.

Tremendous flop

They came up to me and came rushing for getting autographs. Since then it has gone a little up and down. But now I think on the big breakthrough,” says Kim Wilde.

You were not much more than a schoolgirl when you first started got a hit and went on tour. The next record was a tremendous flop. Are you not afraid that the whole thing should happen again?
I’ve been a little out on deep water – up and down. But now I think on it there. I have learned to relax. Mentally I feel much better. I reflect a lot on what it is I’m doing. I have obtained a better sense of humor and I can better tackle the problems, when they arise. When I started, it went a little too fast. Now I have all the old experiences on the backbone, and the experience I would not be without. I’m as happy for getting success again. This does not mean I was unhappy, when it was gone for a while. I was hoping and thought on that success would come back. And it did.

Lennon’s girlfriend?

The Wilde Dynasty is a family business. Your father Marty looks after your interests, and your brother Riky produce your records.
Yes, we stick together in our family. My dad knows the brachen inside out, after comfortably ars success as a singer. And I think Ricky is pretty good at it with sound and technique. We partied a whole week when I went to the top in the United States. We were in a champagne rush, everyone was sending congratulations via telegrams and more bundles of champagne.

Rumour has it that your boyfriend is Julian Lennon.
I know Julian. We meet sometimes. No! He is too young for me. I really like him. But boyfriend, no! I’m still free.