Your letters

Please can you help me with the following.
1) Will Kim Wilde and Marty Wilde release their AIDS concert duet as a single?
2) Will Kim be touring the UK this year?
3) I heard a rumour that ‘Say you really want me’ is to be her next single. Is this true? I know it’s already been released in the US. Is a copy available over here?
4) Now for your favourite part – a discography on Kim please!
Kim’s Kid, Manchester

At the moment there are no plans to release the duet of ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word’ which Kim and her dad performed at the AIDS benefit. Reason being that you are quite right about her next single. It will be ‘Say you really want me’ and it will be out around the end of July. I honestly don’t know if there are any import copies floating around. Best to go to a big record store like HMV or Virgin and check out their import section if you’re that desperate for it.
Kim is currently touring in Europe and hopes to bring the show to this country later in the year, but as yet there are no firm dates. As always watch this space!
Now for the discography, which happily isn’t too taxing for me. Singles first: ‘Kids in America’ (#2, Feb ’81), ‘Chequered love’ (#4, May ’81), ‘Water on glass’ (#11, Aug ’81), ‘Cambodia’ (#12, Nov ’81), ‘View from a bridge’ (#16, Apr ’82), ‘Child come away’ (#43, Oct ’82), ‘Love blonde’ (#23, Jul ’83), ‘Dancing in the dark’ (#67, Nov ’83), ‘The second time’ (#29, Oct ’84), ‘The touch’ (#56, Dec ’84), ‘Rage to love’ (#19, May ’85), ‘You keep me hanging on’ (#2, Nov ’86), ‘Another step (Closer to you)’ (#6, May ’87).
And albums: ‘Kim Wilde’ (#3, Jul ’81), ‘Select’ (#19, May ’82), ‘Catch as catch can’ (#90, Nov ’83), ‘Teases and dares’ (#66. Nov ’84), ‘The very best of Kim Wilde’ (#78, May ’85).
Her new album ‘Another step’ which is already doing well in the States, should be out in the middle of July. By the way, if you’re interested here’s Kim’s fan club address: PO Box 202, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire AL6 0LT.