A dress is waiting for the big love

For Bravo Kim Wilde opened the door to her private apartment for the first time and shows us her stylish home.

A black cocktaildress, which Kim Wilde has had for over three years but she has never worn is hanging demonstratively over the big mirror in the bedroom. Kim is romantic by nature and wants to wear it only when she meets her big love or goes out with a partner, who’s worth wearing it for.
Kim Wilde invited Bravo exclusively into her St. John’s Wood apartment and shows her stylishly decorated home. Kim has painted her bedroom, in which only a big messing bed is found, in regal blue. Her living room couch is upholstered in black. She also has a round wooden table there.
The big, handmade book closet is filled with all her books, records, cd’s and tapes and fills a whole wall. She decorated her bathroom and kitchen in a beautiful classic style in white: Kim loves antiquities.
Kim’s mother Joyce, who arranges all the business for her daughter, bought the apartment nextdoor a few weeks ago. She wants to build an office there or use it as a city apartment, when she wants to go into town or the theatre with her husband.
Although Kim wanted to sell her three room apartment, she wants to wait for a little while longer, until her farm in Hertfordshire, which she bought last year, is renovated and decorated. Momentarily Kim doesn’t have much time for her farm, because she is travelling through Europe with her band in support of Michael Jackson. Her debut was already made on May 23 in Rome.
Kim’s parents were on the first row during this concert and cheered their daughter. For Kim and her band the concerts are a good opportunity to present the new single “Hey mr. Heartache” and the LP “Close” to the fans.
Kim is very satisfied with the success of her first self-written single and is looking forward to meeting superstar Michael Jackson. “The only thing failing me now is meeting my true love”, she says.