A strange pastime: she paints herself naked!

Ah, the stars! They have these fads, these hobbies that keep surprising their admirers. One dreams of writing while she is above all a singer, and this one, out of galas, thinks only of doing mechanics. Another, without her teddy bear, is no longer good for nothing… Go there! Kim Wilde, the sexy singer, also has her passion: painting.
“I do nude,” she explains. “Essentially self-portraits.”
What is strange, it is not so much that she combs herself by looking at herself in a mirror, but rather the fact that she cuts herself at the level of the belt.
Never highs, only low!
“I paint honestly,” she says. “My paintings are not very flattering, but they are only for me!”
Another mystery: his refusal to make an exhibition when so many requests were made to her and that her brushstroke, according to those who saw the result, is largely worth that of certain renowned painters.