A wonderful sensation of being in love… : Kim can talk about it!

‘It seems like nobody wants me’, sighed Kim Wilde a few months ago in Top 10. But she added: ‘I know that I will find happiness one day’. And that h happened now. Kim Wilde is finally happy!

Kim’s love life has only brought her sadness until now. Her relationship with band member Gary ended and also a promising relationship with a French singer, whose name she’s never wanted to say, ended in nothing. But suddenly, early last year, everything seemed to be turning out okay. Kim fell head over heels in love with Julian Lennon. But another disappointment came: Julian left her. What was wrong with the beautiful and also incredible lovely Kim? If only she knew. She had enough success, especially after the tour with Michael Jackson. Of course, the fans came for him, but half a million people saw Kim live as well and that was obvious from her record sales. Kim decided to throw herself on her career fanatically. But deep in her heart the pain of loneliness was gnawing. She bought a beautiful old house in the English provence of Hertfordshire.And she was there alone. At least, until a few weeks ago. For six years she’s known Johnny Hates Jazz’s drummer, Calvin Hayes. He was there when Kim recorded ‘Kids in America’. Meanwhile Calvin became good friends with Marty, Kim’s father. And so he arrived at a family party recently. And suddenly Calvin and Kim were both on fire! During that party Kim caught herself not being able to keep her eyes off Calvin. And Calvin’s eyes were repeatedly drawn towards Kim. He happened to sit next to Kim. At first they didn’t know quite what to say. The wonderful sensation of being in love overcame them. Calvin laid his hand on Kim’s. With a pounding heart he waited for what would happen. But she didn’t pull her hand back. Contrary to that: Kim came closer to Calvin.
When they said goodbye a long warm kiss sealed what happened before. Later they went to Kim’s house for a weekend, and more followed: the two repeatedly sought one another’s company! And whoever has seen Kim recently knows it: she’s happy! She is beaming. But Calvin is also in seventh heaven: “I can’t imagine ever being happy without Kim!”, he says. And Kim answered to the question, why Calvin is so special to her: “I love him a lot, and he loves me.” More isn’t necessary.