At home with Kim Wilde: ‘No, you can’t see my bathroom’

‘Once a week a friend of my mother comes to clean’, says Kim Wilde. ‘That’s how I’m sure that everything is clean here. But my bathroom you can’t see, no, because it’s full of knickers, because my laundry I do myself.’

The least you can say about Kim’s flat in London, is that it’s cosy and stylish. No extravagant interior, no expensive furniture, but tastefully collected, practical things in which you feel at home immediately.
‘Happy you say so’, says Kim, ‘because that was the intention. I don’t like chique penthouses in which you’re afraid to sit down or to touch something. I like order and cleanliness, but not sterility, I mean: there has to be some life and atmosphere.’
‘I think that my flat is a reflection of myself. I am not unapproachable, I am a girl with whom everyone feels at ease. I like to take care of my body, nice clothes and I think I look nice enough, but I don’t spend hours in front of the mirror and I don’t waste half a day polishing my toenails.’
Most rooms in Kim’s flat have warm colours. In the living room we find a big black flannel sofa (‘To lie down on and read a book’) and exotic blinds. In the eating room a desk table in soft wood, with a mathing book cupboard. Only the bedroom is less quiet. It’s light and happy.
‘I like extreme colours’, says Kim. ‘A bedroom has to look fresh and with these colours you achieve that effect. Walls in Greek blue and bed covers that look summery. In the morning it’s nice to wake up between those colours. You find yourself in a good mood.’
‘Living alone has its advantages’, decides Kim. ‘I didn’t have to take anyone else’s opinion into account. I got my way entirely. There are disadvantages as well. I feel at home but I’m happy when friends come around. Together you enjoy this house even better.’