Bed knobs & bathtubs

Decor: I live in London in an old block of 1920s flats. My girlfriend and I painted my bedroom a deep turquoise, it’s a lovely seagreen shade. Then we sprayed the skirting boards and the old picture rails gold. It looks very theatrical and OTT! My curtains are very long and made from thick, red velvet. They make the room look a bit hippie and oriental!

Wardrobes and dressers: I’ve had a huge wardrobe made to my specifications so now everything I own has a home. It’s black and goes the length of one wall. My dressing table’s an old one which I’ve sprayed gold, and I’ve got a collection of interesting old bottles and face cream jars on the top.

In bed: I read myself to sleep for ten minutes every night but I can never remember my dreams when I wake up. I never seem to get to bet much before 2.00 in the morning because I’m usually out with friends or working late in the recording studio. I naturally wake up around 11.00 in the morning, so I’m not an early bird in anyone’s books!

Decor: My bathroom still has all the original 20s dark green, and black and white tiles, they make the room look very stylish. Some workmen tried to talk me into replacing them with modern flowery ones – which they just happened to have in their bags – yuk! The floor’s covered with black and white square tiles which I actually laid myself! I’m really happy with my handy work.

Fixtures and fittings: I had to replace the original toilet because I cracked it after emptying an ashtray into it, and smashing the side! So I went out and bought a new loo, and a DIY manual, and did the whole job myself. Well, most of it, all except the plumbing which had to be finished off by a professional. I’ve got a chrome towel rail and paper holder, and an old black, painted wooden cabinet which I keep my toothpaste and soaps in – and guess what – I painted it and put it up myself! I just use any old towels that I can lay my hands on from a pile in the bathroom on the err – floor! I’m not into special designs or colours. And I have a large mirror which covers the entire wall, and makes the room look twice as big.

Tidy: Nah! I’m not a tidy person by nature, I never have been at all. The room’s always messy. If I’ve done the washing I dry my knickers over the water pipes. They get really hot, so they’re ideal for smalls! And I always throw my used bath towels into a heap on the floor. I’m afraid there’s no hope for me.

In the bath: I listen to my cd player when I’m in the bath, so I stay in the water until the disc has finished (you yuppie you! – Ed.). I’ve tried reading in the bath but I’ve never mastered the art of preventing my book from becoming all soggy, so I usually take a pile of magazines instead.

Smellies: If someone’s bought me some bubble bath I’ll use it, but I never buy any oils or stuff myself, they’re not a priority with me.