Everything about Kim Wilde

Name: Kim Smith
Date of birth: November 18, 1960
Place of birth: Chiswick, London / England
Height: 1m70
Weight: 51 kg
Colour of hair: Blonde (originally brown)
Colour of eyes: Blue/grey
Family: Father Marty was a popular singer in the Fifties; Mother Joyce; Brother Ricky (28) manages her together with her parents; sister Roxanne (8); Brother Marty (7)
Place of residence: She has bought herself a sixteenth century barn in Herfortshire for 600,000 Marks, which is being renovated right now.
Car: Red Mitsubishi “Starlon Turbo”
School: Went to a private boarding school in Dulwich, South London. At 18 she studied Art History in St. Albans/Hertfordshire, which she left after a year in favour of music.
Previous jobs: In a greenhouse she worked on the carnations on Saturdays; cleaned for her piano teacher; salesgirl at Harrods; cleaner in a hospital
First record: Kim bought “Gary Glitter’s Greatest Hits”
Favourite clothing: Black clothes – fashion doesn’t interest her so much. For photo session she has a designer who chooses her clothes. Privately she prefers to wear jeans and shirts.
Favourite colours: Around the house she prefers black and passionate colours. Dark blue, turquoise, red and gold are among them.
What she likes: France, actor Christopher Lambert; funny TV-shows like “The Munsters”; cooking (she makes good salads).
What she dislikes: smokers; being called a sex symbol; animals in the house; ugly carpets
LP’s: “Kim Wilde” (1981), “Select” (1982), “Catch as catch can” (1983), “The very best of Kim Wilde” (1984), “Teases and dares” (1984), “Another step” (1986) and “Close” (1988)