“I don’t want to become a megastar!”

Talking to POP/Rocky-editor Zeno van Essel Kim Wilde says how her tour with Michael Jackson ended and what real friends are to her.

On the road with Michael Jackson, four singles in the charts, and also interviews and photo sessions all the time. How do you manage the stress?
I love my job. I promote and play music I like, that makes it easier.

How can you relax?
I like to go out with my friends. Most of them I have known since school. We don’t go to the most elegant club in the London West-End, but to local pubs. Privately I don’t need the showbusiness.

Do you have friends in showbusiness?
I have found very few friends in showbusiness.

Someone like Calvin Hayes from Johnny Hates Jazz?
I won’t argue with you there…!

Doesn’t it bother you to be watched all the time, when you go out with a boy?
No, not at all. I have a very good private life, and when I am in public, I know really well what happens then.

Calvin is not your only male fan. Do you believe that you are a sex symbol?
Today Kylie Minogue is also named as a “sex symbol”. But what has sex to do with it, when you take care of your looks?

What do you think of singers like for instance Sabrina, who show more of themselves?
Sabrina has no idea what sex really is. If she knew, she wouldn’t be so nude. To me, sex has nothing to do with showing your breasts. It’s something more mysterious, something you shouldn’t see but rather feel. It hurts me when young girls sell themselves so cheaply.

Back to music. Has something changed for you after the tour with Michael Jackson?
Yes, a lot! That tour with Michael Jackson gave me an opportunity to polish up my image a bit. You know, when you’re in this business for a couple of years, you get satisfied. I suffered from that. The tour showed me how much luck I have to have a successful career, but also a private life. That’s not true in Michael’s case. He’s far removed from reality. That’s why I would never want to become a megastar!