"I love Hjorup"

Published in
Expressen (Sweden)
Written by
Eva Gussarson

"Hjorup was his name did you say? He's great" said Kim Wilde when she heard Orup's "Stanna hos dej". After the concert she went to a party and heard some Swedish music.

When Kim Wilde sang her old hits on Eriksbergsvägen Shipyard yesterday night she returned to the hotel where the record company arranged a party for her.
- It's the first time it happens on the tour, so I'm feeling really appreciated, she said. Otherwise, she was mostly tired.
- I was tired when I would sing today too, but tomorrow will be probably better. It is only said that I take on myself too much to do and it feels like that sometimes.
Right now Kim Wilde combines the Jackson tour with a PR trip. It's one of the reasons that she never met Michael Jackson a single moment during the tour.
- I have so much to do so I have not thought of that I would like that. And he has not asked for meeting me either.

Kim has not seen so much of Sweden so far, but maybe she will be on a trip to Liseberg today.
In addition, she said, she heard some Swedish music.
- And it's really the only thing I care about.
By what she heard during the evening was Orup what she liked best.
Just when the video was on he additionally entered the party - and was of course featured.
Then Kim had already asked for a cassette and said that she saw him at the VIP gallery earlier in the evening.
- He was the one with the hat. I already thought he looked like a pop star.