In the lense with Kim: Friends, colleagues, memories…

When you have worked in showbusiness for years, you get to know lots of people. Kim Wilde knows what it means: she has a lot of friends in the business, everyone thinks she is a sympathetic girl. We went into our archives and found a measurement of her popularity. Nice shots with nice people from then and now.

Kim and Sinitta

Sinitta is a little bit wilder than Kim, but now and then Kim goes out on the town with her. Here you see the two friends with singer Hazel O’Connor between them.

Kim and Chris

Chris Rea is another popstar who is not one. Two quiet people in showbusiness: they have to have similarities. And keep joking.

Kim and Junior

The title song of Kim’s album “Another step” was a due twith Junior Marvin, the guy who embraces Kim so closely on the picture. They became friends on an exotic island.

Kim and Simon

Great picture! You see a shy young Simon LeBon sitting next to Kim. Kim herself seems uninterested, but that’s probably for appearances sake.

Kim and Anthony

Kim and Anthony got to know one another during a pop festival in Turkey. Anothony is the son of famous French actor Alain Delon.

Kim and Sam

Two British pop girls together. Now that Sam Fox has made a new album, she can keep Kim company in the charts.

Kim and Mel

Do you know Mel Smith? Mel is a famous British comedian, who played in “Not the nine o’clock news” and “Alas Smith and Jones” amongst others. When there’s something to laugh about, Kim is there.

Kim and Nick

We already wrote about Kim and Simon , but look at this Duran, you would hardly believe it’s Nick Rhodes. Next to Kim a girl from the Human League.

Kim and Gary

Kim with the glitter king of the Seventies with the appropriate name Gary Glitter.

Kim and the greats

Kim is respected in the music world. You can see it on the happy faces of Michael, Pete Townsend and Paul McCartney. Kim and the big ones of the earth!