Jackson says sorry to tune of £150,000

Michael Jackson has made up for his cold-shoulder treatment of Kim Wilde with a £150,000 apology.

The blonde singer will net the cash by playing two more dates with Jackson at Wembley.

The Bad star asked Kim back because he was worried he had offended her after refusing a meeting on the European leg of his tour. Jackson, who hand-picked Kim as his support act, is overjoyed at the amazing reception she has received from his own fans.

Kim, 27, who has been wowing 80,000 people a night on the tour, originally was not scheduled to return for the August 26 and 27 dates. She had planned to take a holiday to recover from the gruelling 27-date tour before returning to it on August 29.

Now Jackson has told her he is sorry for the Europe snub and banning her from watching him perform from the wings.

Jackson’s manager Frank Dileo said: “I have been extremely happy with the arrangement. We like having Kim around.”

A spokesman for Kim added: “She’s overjoyed to be asked back.”

Kim, who’s latest hit You Came is at No. 6 in the singles chart, is said to be exhausted from performing. Her tough schedule will keep her working until the end of the year.