Kim hasn’t spoken with Michael yet

Although Kim Wilde has spent months in the direct vicinity of Michael Jackson, touring through Europe and sings as his support act, Kim hasn’t seen Michael in real life or spoken with him even once. Kim reveals this in an interview in an English magazine. She says that she didn’t even want to be in his support programme in the beginning. “When I got the offer I was totally out of it. I didn’t dare do it. After all Michael is the biggest pop artist on earth. My parents finally convinced me that I could take on the challenge. In hindsight I’m happy I did it. It’s a fantastic experience to be on the road with that whole circus. I haven’t seen or spoken to Michael. He is completely sealed off. I think he’s enormously shy. Michael loves children because they look up to him so much and treat him like a star. My little sister Roxanne and my little brother Marty were with me in the dressing room one time and Michael heard about it. He invited them to come round. Most of the crew on tour were very jealous. After their visit everyone wanted to hear from my little brother and sister what he’d said. But that was a disappointment. You know how children are: they didn’t remember anything from the talk.”
Still Kim is convinced that she will get to speak with Michael. “I’m sure he wants to talk. Michael decides on his tempo and I simply follow his lead.”