Kim knows her role in ‘Bad’ caravan

ROTTERDAM – Why was she chosen as support act for Michael Jackson on his European tour? Kim Wilde still does not have a conclusive answer. “It may have been the sum of a number of favorable factors. Like knowing I have a pretty loyal following in this part of the world. The fact that I am a woman may have also counted. Furthermore, it can also be assumed that Michael respects what I do.”

Kim Wilde has honestly said no certainty about the fervently desired appreciation of her ‘host’. The contact between him and her is anything but intensive during this ‘Bad Tour’, let the now 27-year-old special guest know. And before they started their monster job together in Rome, they weren’t big buddies either, adds the beautiful daughter of ex-teen idol Marty. “Actually, I only spoke to Michael in more detail once. That was five years ago. What has always stayed with me is that he was so calm and so shy and that security people kept a constant eye on us. Wacko Jacko came and comes across as normal to Kim Wilde. So much so that she—as single as he is—doesn’t even feel the need to get to know him really well. “Why would I? I do know what it means to me. I don’t believe in the great mystery of Michael Jackson either. That is purely an invention of the media. To me he is but a mere mortal, albeit a very talented one.”

Kim Wilde, broke through seven years ago with ‘Kids In America’ and since then regularly on the charts, it has since been discovered that its serving branch on this large-scale concert tour is not always easy. “It would have been easier if I had been asked to help sell out the stadiums. But that Hasn’t been the case anywhere, so I’m well aware that everyone comes for Michael and no one else. I don’t have to try to emulate him either, of course I never succeed. I can already see myself dancing backwards, don’t make me laugh. In terms of choreography, which is already one of my weaknesses, I will certainly be very scolding this time,” said the blond beauty, who took revenge for her bad turn last night in the Feyenoord stadium with a solid performance. there two years ago during the Los Vast Kuipspektakel, when the technology (read: tape) let her down.

Opposite the dark sides (‘Performing on a smaller scale than stadiums apparently we can’t anymore”) Kim Wilde sees a big plus: the promotion of her brand new album ‘Close’, of which ‘Hey Mr. Heartache’ promises to be the first hit. The new album, her sixth already, must be a success, because she has put her heart and soul into it. “For the first time I can say that I have done more than just singing. I feel like I’m finally starting to understand a little bit about song writing. In addition, I also come into my own as a singer. This hearing the record, people might say: Hey, that person can really sing,” says Kim Wilde, who was guided in the creation of ‘Close’ by both producer Tony Swain (Spandau Ballet, Alison Moyet, etc.) as her brother Ricky, her foremost musical confidant for many years.

She sees a further development of her writing talent as one of her main ideals. “I hope to become so good that others will record my songs. Only then will you know that you have passed.” The Brigitte Bardot of British Rock – a nickname she detests – is much less involved in a secondary career as an actress. a nice script, but so far I’ve only been offered rubbish. If they weren’t variants of ‘Star Wars’ then they were sexist stories, with me of course as the stereotypical sexy blonde, thank you politely for that.”