‘Kim stops’, says dad Wilde. ‘Nonsense’, Kim replies

Kim Wilde reacted angrily to an interview, in which her father announced that Kim would soon stop with her career. Marti Wilde predicted that his daughter was ready for home life now that she has a relationship with Calvin Hayes. But he’d better not said it…

It’s a typical yes-no story. Kim was angry at her father Marti, who had told an English newspaper that Kim would quit showbusiness because she was tired of touring and recording albums, and has fallen deeply in love with Calvin Hayes of Johnny Hates Jazz. ‘Only the latter is true’, Kim replies. ‘I am currently recording and album and hope to tour again next year. So everything comes out of thin air.’
Kim is being blackmailed by a mysterious fan who stole her diary with personal details about finances, pieces of new lyrics and telephone numbers. ‘I lost it after a gig opening for Michael Jackson in the Wembley Stadium’, says Kim. ‘It has fallen into the wrong hands. The man wants a considerable amount for it. He certainly won’t get it. I won’t be blackmailed. I just hope he won’t hassle my friends. There are so many private telephone number of showbusiness friends in it! Even the private number of Michael Jackson! If that man acts on his threats, my diary will soon be in shops, because he wants to sell it to a publisher.’
Kim’s manager and mum Joyce Wilde thinks it’s scary that this man keeps calling the home of the Wilde family in Hertfordshire.
It’s bad and scary for Kim. The man sounds like an obsessed fan. ‘The worst thing is that that diary contains pieces of lyrics for new songs’, says Kim. ‘That’s irreplaceable. I think it’s a very scary idea that a stranger is walking around with my secret details, knows how much money I have in the bank. Keeping a diary is fun, but it’s so personal that you should really keep it in a safe.’