Kim Wilde about father Marty: ‘He would be all too happy to see me get married’

Kim Wilde keeps doing it. Because with “Never Trust A Stranger” she has another big hit. As you know, she can thank the constant success to the support and good care of her father Marty and brother Rick. But in the Wilde residence it’s not all happy….

Marty Wilde is best known as a true pioneer of the English rock scene in the fifties. That’s why he has a lot of experience and professionalism. He is in fact also responsible for Kim’s successful career. He is her manager, agent and most of all father.
“I have always thought of him as my father in the first place”, tells Kim, “and after that as my mentor. Although it was sometimes hard to separate the two. Our family life is so much based on pop music that there’s not much time to go out together. Wherever we go, the music and showbizz virus keeps us in its grip.”
Do you have problems with that? “Often”, says the blonde diva, “at Sunday morning, when other families are having brunch, we usually fight about what happened during the week. At least if one of us isn’t out travelling.”
What does father Marty think of her relationship with Calvin Hayes?
“He knows Calvin for a few years”, says Kim, “and he often calls me to ask how everything is goin with him. He’s really anxious to hear our wedding date. Because in fact that is his biggest wish. When we started with my career, he was planning to make me a star, but he never forgot to whisper in my ear to not forget about love”.