Kim Wilde chosen by Michael Jackson

Beautiful Kim makes a strong comeback: a new single, ‘You came’, a new album to be released and a wonderful European tour supporting… Michael Jackson! Salut stays at Kim’s side during a whole day when she’s in Paris for her last trip to Paris and the beautiful singer told us all about her preparations for the concert .

Kim Wilde made the whole planet dance with her excellent cover version from ‘You keep me hangin’ on’, which was originally sung by The Supremes in 1966. And afterwards we lost track of her during several months. But during her absence Kim has profited to come forward once again with even more exciting music. ‘You came’ opened the artificial fire and all those who will see Michael Jackson live will have the pleasure to discover the new show by Kim. We can foresee that a lot of fans of this beautiful English singer will come to see the concert for her alone.
Since several months, some have made bets to know who would be the opening act for the biggest act in the world during his European tour. Some talked about Wet Wet Wet, this moment’s top group, who have already opened for Lionel Richie in the UK and those who betted were almost right. Some talked also about Bros, the new hysteric English group, the three charming young boys who have already conquered most of the country. Would this group have thought they would play during the first half of the tour, even if the voice of Matt, the singer, would sound like Jackson. Finally, these three English people declined the invitation (?) and chose to go on tour themselves in England, to play in relatively small clubs. And then the choice from Michael Jackson’s management turned to Kim Wilde. She is very popular in the United States where ‘You keep me hangin’ on’ opened many doors for her. That song came from the same label where small Michael Jackson once started his career. A full schedule for Kim: radio, TV, press, promotion, the whole circus, with even a first taster from her album. But in a different style than we already know. All this doesn’t scare our seductive singer. Contrary to that she feels in her element and all this excitement will prove that her music career will take off once again strongly. After numerous amounts of months in the studio, the platinum blonde singer has reunited with the best musicians to rehearse her tour – and what a tour! Kim already played for numerous halls, in England as well as in Europe, especially in Paris in the Pavillion Batard and in the Zenith, this time she will in the largest stadiums in Europe and she will be the queen of two crazy nights in front of a gigantic audience in the Parc des Princes the 27th and 28th.
No more time for Kim to roam with her friends, to enjoy with them long evenings out around a table in a restaurant, preferably a cheap restaurant because she knows some artists who are less successful and friends who have no jobs. And besides, the chaos in her apartment in London isn’t disappearing for a while yet. Regarding her passion for furniture from the Thirties, which she likes to gather in flea markets, she has to wait also. But Kim doesn’t complain: the months ahead predict to be rich and fruitful for her career. We look forward to seeing her live with her biggest hits and to discover the new titles from her new album.