Kim Wilde fought for recognition already as a child: ‘When my success is over I’ll become a painter’

Kim Wilde is back again. Not just musically things are going alright for her, in other areas things are well too. She has finally found the man of her dreams and feels perfectly happy. Reasons enough to talk a little with Kim about present, past and future.

Let’s dive into the past first. What was it like to grow up as a child of a famous father, and how were your school days?
Dad was touring a lot, but Ricki and I went along a lot as well. Still it was Ricki who was predestined to be the nex tWilde star in line. But it all happened differently, as you know. My school days weren’t anything to write home about. Because my parents were away a lot, my mother Joyce did my father’s management at the time, I was in a boarding school. It felt like I was rejected. To get the attention I stole a couple of things. Nothing really special I assure you, just candy, from one of my class mates. It was a form of protest, I wanted to show my unhappiness.

Can you remember your first love?
Yes, it was a boy who was on my boarding school. His name is still at the tip of my tongue, but I can’t think of it right now. I know that I loved him, but he didn’t notice me! He preferred someone else, Nathalie was her name, a beautiful child. I hated her of course and I felt rejected again. The boy was very handsome, but not so smart. It’s strange, but ever since then I’ve falled for the intelligent type. Boys with a good set of brains, the exterior isn’t as important.

Did you go to art college after highschool?
Yes, and I am still an art lover. The only thing I do next to music is visiting galeries and exhibitions. My favourite painters are Chagall and Toulouse-Lautrec. I paint a lot myself, it’s a great way of spending my free time.

You became a singer at a young age. Did you ever have different jobs?
Yes! My first job was when I was still in school. To make some money I went to disbud carnations in a greenhouse with one of my friends. Every Saturday, you know. I also used to clean the house of my piano teacher. I also worked in a department store for a little while. I sold dresses there. I have the best memories of my time cleaning in a hospital. I met very sympathetic people there. There was a friendly atmosphere there. A friend has been locked up in a broom closet for a whole day there. It was a joke from her colleagues.

When you broke through as a popstar you immediately got a sexy image stuck on. The girl with the beautiful pout. The Brigitte Bardot of British pop, they called you.
Yes, but I didn’t like it that they called me that way. It was not true that I was selling my sexuality. I felt unsure rather than selfassured, where my exterior was concerned.

What would you like to change about yourself?
I think I don’t read enough and I don’t do enough exercise and I would like to be less critical towards people. Especially in relationships I’m very demanding. It has always been that way. But when I am in love, I totally give myself.

What is your ideal man?
He has to be perfect! As a teenager I like blonde guys with long hair and an athletic figure, a bit like Tarzan in fact. Now I am more interested in the character. Honesty, faithfulness, intelligence, humour. Perfect, maybe too perfect.

Someone like Calvin from Johnny hates Jazz?
Yes, it makes no sense to deny it now.

Are you considering marriage?
Not immediately, but I am certainly not against marriage. My brother Ricki is married happily and my parents have an idela marriage. When I look at them, I think it’s great, they have the perfect relationship.

What are your future plans?
Keep making records, writing good songs, maybe play in a movie, as long as it’s not the role of the dumb blonde. And write a book.