Kim Wilde has had enough: Is she leaving the showbiz?

What is going on with the English rock phenomenon Kim Wilde? After the success she had as a result of the tour with Michael Jackson, and th emillions she earned with it, she doesn’t seem to have become happier.
English magazines have already spread the rumour that she is quitting, that she’s tired of it all and that she can’t cope with the tension around concerts.
It’s all started after the news was spread that Kim’s diary was lost or stolen. In her diary were not just the impressions, dates and intimate details you usually trust only to a diary, but also names of other showbiz people, addresses and confidential phone numbers. On top of that there were unpublished lyrics in it for songs that Kim had written herself and that are worth money to her.
In one word: the kind of secrets you only keep to yourself.
The question was: will anyone who has the diary in his or her hands keep it for themselves or want to make money with it?
And the latter seems to be the ce. Kim already had an unknown man on the phone, proposing to give the diary back for a large amount of money. That’s all we know about this.
Has Kim given in to this blackmail, or not? Probably she did. And directly after that it became known that Kim Wilde (pseudonym to Ann Finley, her real name) is seriously thinking of chucking it all in.

Rich and famous

One knows that she has started writing very good lyrics for songs and maybe she sees a quieter way to make money in that. On top of that there’s the rumour that the beautiful blonde Kim, who has been called the “English baby doll”, has finally lost her heart. She has had some short and unhappy love affairs, but this time it seems to be real with someone from the jazz world. His name is a secret for now.
Kim has confirmed her status as international famous person with her tour with Michael Jackson through West Europe and America. She is a famous singer who had become a star thanks to her way of performing, her voice and her sensual beauty. Now she is a top star, who is rich beyond compare at just 27. But the tensions of this tour seem to have sucked her dry. She longs for peace and quiet around her and has become fearful for too much fame, that could make her private life impossible. Still she should be able to face that kind of life, because she comes from a family in which showbusiness is trumps. Marty Wilde, her father, was one of the big names in the English rock ‘n’ roll age. He was always in the charts in the fifties with songs like “Teenager in love”.
Her brother Ricky has also been bitten by the bug, he wrote the lyrics and music for many popular songs, that made gold records.
The whole Finley family, or Wilde if you wish, is behind Kim. Her father, mother and brother work for her .If she says farewell to rock, they’re all out of a job.
People in her vicinity don’t understand it at all. Everywhere she came recently, in Holland, France, West-Germany, ten thousand people were there to see her and to hear her. And at the height of her fame she wants to stop.
Most surprised is Michael Jackson, who sees a singer in her comparable to Diana Ross, and that’s saying something.
Has the disappearance of the diary, in which details about her wealth are also described, got something to do with all this?