Kim Wilde: “I dream to be loved for myself”

We had not heard from the lovely Kim Wilde since last spring. At the time, she came to Paris to present us her new album, ‘Close’. There was a chance to meet because her record was a success with “You Came” and “Never trust a stranger” and her wonderful scenic project with Michael Jackson come true.

The greatest fear of her life

Naturally, the first question was to know how was this incredible scenic experience. Kim answers directly and without detours: “Fear,” she says, “was my deepest feeling, although I felt a great joy when I learned that I would do the first part of the concerts during the European tour. I knew already what it was like to be nervous, but it took unimaginable proportions … but I like challenges and prove that I’m a fighter. The public was enthusiastic, which was not obvious: my kind of music is so different from that of Michael Jackson, I will never forget the public at the Parc des Princes in Paris who sang the chorus of my hits. I had an unforgettable experience.”

Loyal fans

“I met Michael Jackson few times, and especially very short time. The only thing I can say is that I am fascinated by this unusual character and especially his kindness and timidity that is so touching. My luck was not going to stop there because my new album started selling very well in Europe. Then I realized that my fans were loyal and my music could affect several generations. I think I really understood I became a woman and not the slightly sexy little girl that was the dream of boys… I dream to be loved for myself, maybe meet the love but I’m afraid I’m so independent, and then I want someone beautiful in his heart and physically. I ask a lot of life, but I want to force this chance to make me smile.”