Kim Wilde on tour with Michael Jackson!

On of the most exciting days in Kim’s life was May 23, because then she was on stage in Rome as the support act of Michael Jackson for the very first time. She will also do this in Germany a couple of times. Why her? Has Michael fallen in love with her?
“It may have been more a deal between our managers”, says Kim. “They knew that I am very wellknown in Europe.”
Kim has always been a fan of Michael Jackson, has met the shy superstar once before during an awards ceremony in London and has said “Hi” during this occasion.
Kim’s first reaction on the news: “I have called my friends and said: ‘Don’t worry about tickets for Michael Jackson, girls! It’s been taken care of.”
Kim has taken some friends along to escort her during her tour. Smitty takes care of catering, and the sale of t-shirts is also done by her family. “Michael will wonder about that”, laughs Kim.
Kim has prepared well for her tour. As fitness exercise she swims every morning, most of the time she has spent with her band rehearsing.
The band consists of Steve Byrd on guitar, Mark Hayward Chaplin on bass, drummer Jeff Dougmore, Keyboard-player Jeff Hammer and backing vocalists Angie and Zeetya.
Privately Kim has had enough of London and wants to move to her farm 40 kilometers north of London.
“I am not afraid to live alone”, says Kim. “The neighbours, all farmers and teachers, know me very well already. I feel very well there.”