Kim Wilde: remedy for heartache

At the end of 1986 Kim Wilde released her last LP with “Another Step”. The musical development, which was indicated by that disc, continues now. She already gave a foretaste with the single “Hey Mister Heartache” …

Kim Wilde is not the type to be put under pressure and certainly not let the release of a new LP be dictated by record contracts. “My ideas are decisive,” she says confidently. “If I feel like I have meaningful titles on the pan, I go to the studio. I don’t want to make records just because a year has passed since the last record and some department at a record company thinks something I sang into it to do business “.

It has been seven years since she became a star on November 18, 1960 in Hertfordshire, England, with her first hit “Kids in America” ​​in 1981. Seven years in which a lot has changed not only in Kim Wilde’s life. The carefree girl from back then has now become a woman. She will be 28 in a few months. “No need to panic for me. Now that the magical limit of 30 years is slowly becoming tangible, I am relieved to see that basically nothing changes. I only made a few experiences and mistakes and learned a lot from them. A couple of dreams. “
In any case, the fun with which Kim Wilde is still committed to her work has remained. And more important than at the beginning of her career is to only bring songs that she can fully stand behind – music, test and her own personality must form a unit.
“Nobody knows better than me what moves me, how I think and how I express myself. I simply translate that into songs. For me it goes without saying and is not a big secret.”
No wonder that Kim is always convincing. Whether it represents a trivial topic trivial or becomes highly politically critical – it always hits the bull’s eye because it does not bend statements by any standard.