Kim Wilde says goodbye to showbusiness

Kim Wilde quits singing. The news hit like a bomb. Barely a few weeks after the news of her affair with “Johnny Hates Jazz” drummer Calvin Hayes was announced, Kim creates a sensation again. “I don’t understand it”, sighs father/manager Marty Wilde. “I’ve never seen her like this. She seems determined to say goodbye to showbiz for good.”

Ever since she supported Michael Jackson during his tour Kim Wilde’s career is doing well again. Her single “You Came” is high in the European charts and the horde of new fans is getting bigger every day. Still Kim seems determined to give up the success she’s worked on for so many years. She has lost her heart to Calvin Hayes and wants to quit showbiz as soon as possible.
Kim’s father and manager Marty Wilde sees his daughter’s romantic adventure with a heavy heart.
“It’s such a waste”, he says sadly. “Just now that everything is going so well she wants to stop. I don’t know my Kim like that, I wonder if she oversees the consequences of her actions.”
Contrary to what people would suspect Kim (26) and Calvin (27) have known eachother for years. He drummed in her first band and she stayed friends for years. Until recently the sparks flew and Kim spoke of her love for Calvin out in the open.
“For the first time in my life I’m really in love”, she said then. “It’s a great feeling which I wouldn’t want to miss for the world/”
At first nothing seemed wrong. Kim and Calvin are both experienced artists. No-one expected that either one of them would let their career suffer under this relationship… certainly not Kim!

Father Marty was the first to hear the decision of his daughter.
“She just told me that she wanted to quit as soon as possible”, said Marty. “I couldn’t believe my own ears. Was this my ambitious daughter who always fought so hard for her success? Was this the woman I brought to the top? The applause, the fans, the kick of seeing your record rise up the charts… she couldn’t care for it anymore. I’d never seen her like that.”
Marty knows Kim better than anyone else. Himself a successful musician he supported his daughter’s career from the beginning. It’s hard for him that his favourite girl is ending it now.
“Kim is prepared to give up everything she’s built up for a man”, sighs Marty. “She has always had problems in love. It wouldn’t be the first time she gets into trouble because of a whim. I hope she knows what she’s doing.” In spite of everything Marty is pretty happy with Kim’s choice.
“Don’t get me wrong”, he adds hastily. “I think Calvin’s a sympathetic guy. His father, Mickey Most is an old friend of mine and I’m sure he’s serious with Kim. I know that he’s not after her fame or money. I’m just a bit afraid for the future. Kim is impulsive, today she wants a quiet life on Calvin’s side but what happens in a year from now? What if she longs back to the fame? She is a singer after all.
Fortunately there are a few contracts she can’t get away from. There’s an album on the way and some concerts as well. Hopefully time will advise her. My daughter is a rock and roll lady and not a housewife, it’s time she realises that!”