Kim Wilde: she can’t decide in love

So sexy was she never before: Kim doesn’t need make-up or a make-up girl. She has trained her body slim with exercise. She is on a diet, doesn’t eat much meat and cycles a lot through London’s Regents Park.
She only uses lipgloss on her famous pouting lips, and also uses eyeliner and some mascare – and that’s it. Despite her great looks and her big success Kim is alone in her heart.
“She is so closed up that she doesn’t even talk to me about her feelings”, said her mother Joyce to us.
That’s true: Kim is full of love and emotions, which she has only shown in her song lyrics until now. She is a serious girl, no type for rippers.
“Gary was not my type – he wanted to possess me totally and even cut my family ties”, says she now about her affair with Gary Barnace, who used to play in her band. The French popsinger that followed, whose name Kim is not revealing, is now in the past as well.
In Montreux she was often seen in the company of Julian Lennon. It could be that Julian is Kim’s type: he doesn’t only bring out motherly feelings in her, because he’s a bit younger than her and grew up without a lot of family love.
Secondly Kim admires his musical talent. But she doesn’t say to anyone, what she thinks about Julian or other men.
“Of course I want to marry and have children someday”, she said to me. “But until now I haven’t found the right man yet.”
Flying back from Montreux to London she showed me a three page letter, written to her by Terence Trent d’Arby: “You have the sweetest pout I have ever seen”, he wrote in that amongst other things.
“I met Terence in the television stuio, where we recorded ‘Top of the pops'”, grinned Kim. The next morning she found a bunch of roses with an invitation on her table at home. Since then she can’t hide from Terry’s phonecalls. And somehow she feels very flattered…