Kim Wilde: she doesn’t want to be the ‘Schoolgirl’ anymore!

“It’s damned hard to grow up musically in public”, says Kim Wilde in the Pop/Rocky interview. “Many people still have ‘Kids in America’ in their mind or see me as a little ‘Schoolgirl’… But that is their problem, they will have to deal with it.”
Kim is not just ‘more adult’, but also a bit tougher. “Hey Mr. Heartache” is the name of the single from her new LP “Close”, which will appear in shops soon. And Kim is happy: “This time I have done a lot of things myself. Not just the songs, but many ideas on “Close” are mine!”
The songwriting has given Kim a taste for it. “I will try to sell a few of my ideas this year. Who knows, maybe I will get some wellknown artist to sing one of my songs”, she explains. Her wish should come true. “Why not”, she laughs. “My wishes until now – to become a singer, to write songs, to have hits – have all come true until now…’
Kim’s thoughts are always revolving around music! Her flirt with Johnny Hates Jazz-keyboard player Calvin Hayes changes nothing about that. “I am living in the world of music. Also when I go on holiday: I always take at least 20 tapes with me, check whether my batteries in my walkman need to be changed, and then I go. This ceremony has almost become a tradition.”
If – despite all the good wishes – problems should arise, her family is always there to support her. “They shield me from the bad types in the music business. Iknow were I belong and whom I can trust.”
Kim can’t be committed to a family of her own yet. “I know, that I do want to have children someday though”, she says.