Kim Wilde: Thank you, Jacko!

After having supported Michael Jackson, Kim Wilde has known the taste of success.

In May 88 Kim has released an album, ‘Close’, which is in the charts now and from which was taken a single, ‘You came’, which has stationed for some time in the peaks of the charts in Europe and is still highly popular in the discotheque. This popularity that has become her recently made many people, a little maliciously, believe that the British artist should only thank Michael Jackson, who as is now well known, chose her to open his European concerts.

Sexy, not only!

Kim Wilde, in addition to being an excellent singer is also a very sexy girl that made many men lose their head (among Simon Le Bon who say the usual well-informed, he suffered a lot when their story ended.) Currently Kim Wilde is in love? “I am in love with life and success,” she answered very diplomatically. At least tell us how it should be your ideal man! “He does not have to look nice, could even have a little belly, it is important that he understands something about music and has his heart in the right place!”