Kim Wilde: Unhappy love affair with Julian

“He was a big disappointment for me”, says Km Wilde, who is triumphing with the oldie “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree” in England right now.
She means Julian Lennon with that, with whom she ended a romance, that started during this year’s Montreux Songfestival, but was kept very secret by Kim.
“He has wounded and depressed me, without wanting to”, she adds sadly. Kim, who celebrated her 27th birthday last November, fell head over heels in love with Julian, who is a few years younger.
Toda yshe knows that she made a big mistake with that: “Julian is not adult enough. He is surrounded by people who admire him, and he is guided by them. And he avoided being seen in public with me”, says Kim.
But she also shows understanding for Julian. She knows, that she developed maternal feelings because of her younger brother Marty an her younger sister Roxanne. “I understand him although he really hurt me”, says she bravely. “He had a really difficult childhood and he didn’t get much love and warmth because of the separation of his parents. Until now he is still torn by that.”
In her apartment in London’s St. Johns Wood she suffered from her broken heart: “I was never so lonely and alone as I was here in London”, she decides. She is often invited to parties in London’s In-clubs by girls like Patsy Kensit, Samantha Fox and other types from the pop scene – but she prefers to stay at home.
In the bottom of her heart she prefers the woods and fields of her country. “I am still a country mouse. I grew up there, I’d like to return there”, says Kim. This is why she bought a farm in the vicinity of her parents in Hertfordshire, which she will have rebuilt according to her own wishes.