Kim Wilde wants to go into fashion

It was never really the intention that Kim Wilde would go into music. Before she was discovered, when she was working on a recording by her brother, the beautiful Kim was determined to find work as a model. And to be honest: she’s got everything it takes for that profession, because as you can see on these photographs Kim is very photogenic.
Despite her somewhat unexpected singing career, she is planning to let her old wish come true: to pose for the front cover of the worldfamous magazine ‘Vogue’. To achieve that goal she is doing photo sessions in her spare time with photographer Simon Flower. The duo looks critically at the results and then work hard to improve on little faults.
And when we look at their work, it seems sensible to us that ‘Vogue’ reserves the front page. Because Kim’s wish could just come true! She is convinced of this herself, by the way.
‘I know I can do it’, she says. And who are we to doubt it?