Kim Wilde: why she can suddenly laugh again

Whoever is underway to the camping grounds in the English holiday paradises Devon and Cornwall, could bump on an old VW bus, steered by a blonde beauty in old jeans and a t-shirt. The driver would be none other than Kim Wilde, who is on holiday with two of her best friends and her manager Nick Boyles. Kim has exchanged the eternal hotel life during her promotion trips and concert travels for some free time in nature.
Her friend Claire, whom she has known since her childhood, is a professional caterer. She makes breakfast in the morning, salads for lunch and cooks something light for the evening, if they do not go into some pub instead.
Other than that, it’s just relaxing and no stress!
For Kim, who is having another big hit with “You Came” at the moment, it has never gone this well. In all of Europe she was the special guest of Michael Jackson and she promoted her newest album “Close” with that. Her next single “Never trust a stranger” has just been released and stands a good chance of becoming another hit.
She was called by Michael Jackson shortly before her holiday. He proposed her to go along for the remainder of the European tour as well. Kim was as happy as she was surprised. She gladly accepted, although she did have other plans. Manager Frank Dileo explained on the phone: “We like her. We think it’s good when you keep with us on tour.”
Forgotten was the initial irritation about Michael ignoring Kim. Forgotten was also that she had to stay backstage when the master took to the stage. Kim feels flattered now.
To the question if she is currently in love with someone, she only replies diplomatically: “I am in love with life and my success.”
I tis obvious that Kim has become more free, selfaware and mature. One can see that also in her clothing: she wears deeply cut dresses nowadays. About her dream man she says: “He does not have to be a model or something. The most important thing is that he knows about music and he has a good heart.”