Michael Jackson chose Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde is the first part of Michael Jackson – Stop- She just released a single “You came” -Stop- She is young, beautiful, rich and famous and recognized good luck -Stop- She has accepted to meet Graffiti Thursday, May 19, 1988 at 15 hours in hotel Warwick, are you all right? -Stop-

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Yes of course -Stop- Will she be coming with Michael Jackson? -Stop-or-more-
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Starting off with a trivial issue, Kim, how are you!
I’m very well, thank you, I’m happy. I am healthy, and my career seems to be moving in the direction I wanted…

What did you do, where art thou gone, your presence has been reported on the other side of the Atlantic… If you are telling us why this emigration professional?
Let’s say I went because “Hanging on”, the cover of the Supremes was very well received there. It was a great success. But I have not spent a year in the United States. I mostly worked on my new album. It took four months for writing and composing and I stayed three months in the studio recording. You know, the impact of “Hanging On”, it has generated curiosity from the American public about me. And I think that this is a modestly significant step in my career to come. I think, I hope it will open doors for me, and it will accelerate the course of events…

Have you made contact with the people in the craft in the USA.
I rubbed shoulders with former acolytes of Michael Jackson who made up the team of Thriller. I worked with them on a demo I confess I had incredibly good fun, especially enriched in their contact. They have the gift of staging, and decontraction that I never imagined. For example, they had put at my disposal a cadillac, to take me to the hotel, to the studio and so on. I felt like a princess or a Hollywood star… It was wonderful and I keep a lasting memory.

Sincerely, what are you in the U.S., do Kim Wilde and Madonna even fight?
(Laughs) I have no idea, I did not know this country before being ranked number one in all the charts with “Hanging On” and then there I restarted my career from zero. I performed in clubs in  all states, both large and in small towns, including “Private Eyes” New York, that said, I played like a little girl who discovers a country the most mythical of the world. I realized one of my dreams.

“You Came”, your new single has been released in France, and it is from an album that is rumored to be very will. A shift or evolutionary continuity?
It is not quite the same or fundamentally different. It is always pop and I tried to give the best of myself. Whatever happens, life inevitably leads us to advance, to grow, and to question. In fact, I approached this album with more confidence in me, I gained experience, experience, and artistic past helped me to write this album. I wrote all the words and I co-wrote all the songs with Ricky, my brother. I feel that this album is the most important of my career because I’ve invested more in this than ever before. I think it looks like me, this is just my “baby” and it is an accurate reflection of my personality. I found somewhere and I do not feel the least complex to assert myself as the one I am now.

In your opinion, your audience of teenagers will he follow you in this evolution?
In every way, I did not control my public. I have no power on their tastes and choices. I was sincere, and I sang songs from my heart and from my emotions. Now, it is up to people to decide if they like my new songs or not.

When talking about Kim Wilde, one can not conceal the family clan that is never far. Some have even talked about the “Wilde Connection”. Would you be an “object” produced, articulated, dependent of parental authority?
This is primarily a support appreciable, it represents a large professional force. Anyway, it’s not just my parents, but also people “from the outside” working with us. It has nothing to do with the mafia. This is not “incestuous” and even less “unhealthy”, ultimately, it is quite the opposite. At home, we do not work and the air we breathe is not “tainted”. Each member of the family living independently, and when one is found, it is either in the context of being productive and efficient to support or emotionally. There is no confusion or mixed feelings. We worked together and no one exploits anyone!
You see, the showbiz represents a heartless world, and I rubbed shoulders too often with misfits, lost artists, artists who are terribly alone… I’m lucky to have parents who are both “soft” and competent. This is a chance! I say this is really not an abuse of power.

They follow you on tour?
They come to see me on some concerts but this is not systematic. My brother is married and has a little boy, for him, it is not always easy to move around. As my parents, it’s true when they are with me this is a joy, only their absence is not in my eyes, an insurmountable handicap. I function with them but also without them …

You have recorded in the family studio?
Absolutely, we bought a studio, which belongs to the company that we have created.

Your last album, it would be like “confidences on vinyl?”
Yes I put a lot of personal things, love stories, but it never dark in the shameless, I suggested, and I have not told the precise.

News by Kim Wilde, it’s your surprise wedding on stage with one of the strangest superstars of his generation, the one and only Michael Jackson… If an association was incongruous, not to say an artistic incompatibility…
This is true, it is strange for me too find myself on the same bill as him. That said, it is not so antagonistic as it sounds, we both make pop and we have both released eight singles. Is it not enough in common to get together on stage! (Laughter) You see, if you had told me a year ago,  “Kim, you’re sure to be the first part of Michael Jackson”, I would have said you are mad or a bad joker.

Subsidiary question, you admire the performance of the Jackson five?
Yes, of course, and I am even more happy. Michael is a statue or a historical monument, even.

However, his strategic whims, numerous depravities! Cosmetic operations, his oxygen tent, I pass most serious! It does not bother the wise woman you are?
This, at least, is what we read in the newspapers. But I do not want to criticize. It is not for me to judge. I met a lot of people who seemed more mad that he and who lacked talent. I think the genius is forgiven some excesses. I do not belong to the family of those who take a perverse and dubious pleasure to demolish the stars. It’s so easy to destroy “legends”. Regardless, in any case, I consider it an honor to play in his supreme show.

About you now, did you find out how he decided on the “contract” of the century?
It happened very easily, and very quickly, the management of Jackson contacted my mother by submitting the following proposal: Do you think, they asked her, your daughter is able to take such a test? You should know that I was not the only candidate on the list, other wellknown groups were also approached. Jackson’s team they watched tapes, videos and they listened to my records. At the same time, my album “Hanging on” fared better and better out there, I think it has helped me somehow… And then, I was experienced with the phenomenon of touring. I have a lot of experience behind me, I know perfectly the world tour and they thought I was able to confront and overcome the difficulty of the challenge. I, on my side, I did not hesitate for a second. I said yes and everything was decided very quickly.

Is this Michael in person who has chosen you?
No, I do not think so, to tell the truth, I do not know. Maybe this is a simple story of management. When I see him I will not fail to ask him directly.

Formidable test? Channeling a crowd so huge, it does not give you vertigo?
Instead, it is superb. How to promote my new album, it could not be better!

However, this is not Kim that the public will “celebrate”. Indeed, they come for King Jackson. Do not you fear the excess forward to a fringe of the crowd! You might also lose feathers?
I do not think so, and then my company told me that it was Michael Jackson who was supporting me! You have been misinformed! (Laughter). More seriously, say, I’m to benefit from an unexpected audience! You do not realize it, but in my story, I’m winning on all fronts. First it is Michael who is striving to fill the stadiums, I took advantage of his notoriety. Note that perhaps some will scream “Michael Jackson” or worse “Get off!” Everything is possible … and then, months I spent only 45 minutes after it is playtime. I can rest or go raving with the crowd. Comfortable is this position! Really. I feel that people in the audience will be so happy to be there, it will be a chain reaction.

“Open the curtain” as we say in France. What have you prepared?
Much has been rehearsed with my group together is perfect harmony, I have confidence in them and then I dressed in a way, so great that Michael Jackson is going to be dead jealous! I’m sure when he will see it he will want his musicians to dress the same. Maybe he will even want to adopt my very special and stylish look. I think you will all be surprised…

Would it necessarily be a competition between you and Jackson?
No of course, competing with him is impossible, he is so great, and I so small… Let’s say that I would try to be the best possible …

Are you intimidated by the idea?
Yes, absolutely, he is a king! After all, perhaps it is not so strange as they say. I’m sure he is very nice. And then if he is “Crazy” so be it. It is so unique, that he can afford it.

“The Stars” have the right to worst excesses. Do not you think that there are limits even for the “illustrious in this world?”
Michael Jackson was not always right, it is obvious. But I’ve learned not to judge people I do not know personally.

Will there be a duet?
Why not! I am not against this idea! By cons, if they sing together it will imperatively, which title comes from my last album. Jackson can sing everything! While, I lose no be at the height of one of his songs was him!

How many tour dates are there?
27, and in the whole of Europe.

If we return to the specific case of Kim without Michael?
Ah, much better, this is one of my favorite subjects (laughs).

The last time we met you were less happy. You seem today “well in your skin” I am mistaken?
This is true; before I was more timid, introverted. I grew up, I grew more and I master my personality. Henceforth I see perfectly that I became. And the professional direction I took, makes me happy. I have matured and I do not regret my problems of yesteryear, I was naive, complexed and not sure of myself. I am 27 years old and grow old happily, rather than worry about myself!

The British press did enough of targeting you! She has calmed down against you?
I’ve always tried to live according to me, not compared to what they could write about me!
The British press has a vocation to be bitter and caustic, she has remained. Today, I’m more stable against attacks. But even if you are watchful and suspicious, you’re avoiding the indiscretions and there is terrible, because rather than them, she said, it amplifies them worse. You should never leave anything of his life filter, because its purpose is simply to exploit for “voyeuristic” or “macabre”. This news is shocking, horrible, horrible, I was discussing lately with one of my friends, and I told him that despite all the evil that one could think of these newspapers, we were forced to recognize that at the heart were the echoes of a certain truth. In sum, it is the “man-eaters” dishonest point to reveal the backstage of mmodesty … they do not respect anything or anyone.

To be incognito, mission impossible?
I have the opportunity to change my look very easily. I back my hair in a bun the cap (she mimes as she speaks). Besides, I have a very funny anecdote about it, one day, did my shopping in a supermarket with a friend suddenly a guy comes up saying “It’s amazing how you look like Kim Wilde” and said: “That’s why I want to take a picture.” I then scanned my friend’s eye, the eye questioningly, wondering if he was joking or not. I really thought he had recognized me, and he was playing a joke in bad taste… In fact, not really, he was persuaded to have met my doppelganger. I let him shoot me and he walked away, convinced he flashed the light at someone looking like me. That’s funny. It means that the more you frequent banal places, the less risk of you being identified. It is so inconceivable that it works well.

Where do you live? How is your apartment?
I live in London in an old building from the twenties. My apartment is huge and very comfortable. One of my friends made me thinking lately “It does not look like the interior of a woman’s home.” This is true as the decor is stripped, cold as it is stylish. For example, I am not yet equipped with coffee cups, simply because I have not found ones I dreamed of.

Do you have any friends?
Of course, thankfully! This is overkill for most childhood friends, because I do not go to showbiz people. I’ll go out very often, but I rarely go out in large clubs. I prefer to invite in fancy restaurants or where they will be assured of proper food.

With success, you do not lose contact?
Quite contrary, it brings us together! (Laughter) I’m kidding! Moreover, they often come join me on my tours. Some of my friends are in charge of catering organized for Michael Jackson during his visit to Rotterdam. It’s funny, this coincidence.

Have you met the man of your life?
No, not really, you know, I rarely fall in love. Aside from that I had a serious relationship in the past six months and then it ended good.

You looking for a serious relationship?
Naturally, I would like to have children, start a family. But not until I’m thirty. At this point I think I would stop the tours while continuing to write and compose songs.

Are you connected to fashion?
I love clothes! But not only those cut by couturiers. My favorite brands are JP Gaultier, and Agnes B. Kenjo.

The job requires a disciplined life. You respect these draconian measures?
It is fully integrated into my life, I would never become a robot or a machine. For example I did not drink wine, well, I drink a little. I should not eat chocolate, I eat. I would have to practice more the gym … I perforates and I make enough even if it is not quite so …

Do you know Paris well?
I spent many trips either professional or as a tourist!

French song she made the breakthrough in England.
Yes, Vanessa Paradis is well known to us, is “sweet”. There are also Desireless, Niagara, Rita Mitsoukos a little Caroline Loeb, I love Etienne Daho, Alain Chamfort, and of course Laurent Voulzy and Alain Souchon.

Do you think the music of 88 is good?
Yes, there are good musicians and great artists. At the same time??? very bad. But those there are only brief appearances. As for me, if I have one wish it would be to enroll in the platoon head dance music. This is truly the style that I prefer above all!

You hate all still be photographed?
Yes, because it is a discipline that escapes me and I like control everything I do, every time, it must be put in front of the goal I feel the worst fears and worst fears. If I exaggerate, I would even say that the photo is somewhere rape. Sometimes we are willing, just as it happens, we will be traoped, chew a way that we would not want, and then it’s cold. I prefer many of the interviews, where at least one communicates etn his soul and conscience.

So… happy?
I tend to be. However, I regret not having been at the height of what is was entitled to expect from me, I will try to fix this error. In any case, I think I am very lucky …