Review – Close

With “Hey Mr. Heartache” Kim Wilde made a chart comeback again after two unsuccessful years. What exciting song material can be found on the new LP “Close” should be enough for some follow-up hits. Kim Wilde has thrown the tried-and-tested but now nourished synth-pop stitch overboard. A variety of styles is the order of the day. And that’s where the cool Kim shows her best side. Power pop for the dance leg the spirited number “Never trust a Stranger”. Rapid computer radio on the track “Stone”. A real surprise that the jazzy “European Soul”, enriched with bongo rhythms and gentle piano runs, sweetened with a harmonious choral singing. Sade could be jealous. It then becomes schooly on “Four Letter Word”. A number with a slick melody and soulful sound arrangements. Not quite successful. In return, the unusual ballad “Lucky Guy” makes up for the failure: a romantic soft song, accompanied by violins and piano passages, which immediately makes you dream. “Close” is a successful pop mix with hit quality.