Review – Close

To take the artist’s strongest card first, Kim Wilde is strikingly beautiful. Unfortunately, her oral outbursts are rendered with whining and inhibitory appeal to a (after two cuts) looted father instinct. The taste of self-pity eventually becomes quite the subject. It’s mostly about taking care of me and I can’t trust him anyway. Theme evenly on the Romantic level, what we in formed circles call foliage.
Most captivating, and typically enough, tumultuous cuts are “European Soul”, a sentimental tangent of the artful Madonna’s “La Isle Bonita”. But, where Madonna, as the good American she is, has incorporated ‘pathetic’ into the vocabulary, and the bitch is coaxing through it, Wilde & co. go forth pauses and trumpets. They end up with well-produced, low-blooded and overbearing love care.