Review – Close

The mere sight of Kim Wilde’s luscious, simmering smouldering (I could go on and on) pout is enough to reduce the Ed to a puddle of quivering 501s. Her effect on men is more than enough reason for us chicks to resent her, one would think, but it’s impossible to dislike either the songstrel or her pert electro-pop dance numbers. The pre-release cassette doesn’t give this kind of info, but it sounds as though a linkup with Lock, Stock & Barrelman has featured in her recent past. Their stamp (or a startingly-similar facsimile) is all over ‘Close’, from the sharp little floor-filler ‘You Came’ to the glucose-sweet ballad ‘Four Letter Word’. Did you like Bananarama, circa ‘Wow!’? Then you’ll love this one, and Kim’s got the added advantage of a prettily chirping voice that enlivens even the occasional by-the-numbers dull one… of course, if that doesn’t sway the potential buyer, there’s always that simmering pout.