Review – Close

Some seven years ago. There weren’t many parties without ‘Kids in America’ or ‘Chequered love’ being played. Back then the fantasy of every boy was stimulated by Kim Wilde: the blonde manes, the pout, the tight jeans. The till went mad thanks to the family corporation Wilde, but after ‘Cambodia’ some less well selling singles followed and Kim Wilde didn’t score as much as she used to. Kim still wanted it, but the audience didn’t anymore. Then last year she suddenly made her comeback with her version of ‘You keep me hanging on’, which also suddenly ended up in the American charts. And because Michael Jackson probably thinks every Supremes cover is good, he let Kim Wilde do the first part of his concerts in Europe (although in Belgium they chose the Italian Gianna Nannini). Now here’s her sixth LP ‘Close’ (MCA 255588-1) and again Kim works with father Marty and brother Rick, although she did write some songs herself for this album. Musically Kim Wilde tries to sound like a cross between Bananarama, Pet Shop Boys and Sade, modern dance but with a limited vocal range. The album starts with the single ‘Hey mister Heartache’ (with the aid of Junior), the end is an iffy syrupy version of Todd Rungren’s ‘Lucky guy’. Kim has lost her wild hairs long ago, she now has a trendy brushed coupe.