Rock-Kim around the Christmas tree!

Need some festive guidance on how to give your tree that special Christmas touch? Well look no further! Kim Wilde dived into Number One’s mountain of seasonal decorations and showed Jeremy Mark exactly how to make a Christmas tree look simply ravishing, while ‘Uncle’ Tom Sheehan took some very lovely photographs!

Step 1: Take a lovely ‘Alpine Spruce’ authentic-looking tree as demonstrated by Kim.

Step 2: Choose your colour scheme, in this instance, Kim has plumped for red hued tree adornments!
Kim: “Ooh, these burgundy baubles are nice, aren’t they? I dress my own Christmas tree at home, but I tend to go for a slightly more traditional look. I prefer using tartan ribbons and lace to decorate it.”

Step 3: Begin to enhance your choice evergreen shrub with various splendid shiny baubles…
Kim: “Hang on a minute, there’s no string on this one!”

Step 4: Um, how’s that now, Kim?
Kim: “Wonderful! I’d rather not hang too many things on the tree, but I do like the little red heart! This tree is going to be the antithesis (i.e. opposite) of my entire philosophy on life, which is that less is more!”
Then proceed to…

Step 5: Add a selection of beautifullu coloured fairy lights, but mind you don’t electrocute yourself in the process!
Kim: “I’m not too keen on fairy lights, because they can be very dangerous, and I’ve got an aversion to death!”

Step 6: With the lights in place, Kim chooses some gaudy baubles and several garlands of tinsel in order to give her tree that tacky seasonal look!
Kim: “This is beginning to look really tacky, isn’t it? Haha! I like this part!”

Step 7: Continue to shroud your ‘Alpine Spruce’ in glitzy festive froth, not forgetting to add more baubly bits along the way!
Kim: “I think I’ve got a bit carried away with the tinsel!”

Once Steps 1-7 have been achieve, the only chore left is to make a Christmas Angel to top your tree, and give it that extra special seasonal touch, as Kim is about to kindly demonstrate…

Kim selects a fine piece of shiny gold paper, which she proceeds to scrunch into a tube thingy!
Kim: “I like making my own decorations, but I prefer to go for things like ribbons and plants, I like my tree to look more ethnic!”

Ten, cut a piece of white card into a triangle shape (to be the angel’s frock) and add two silve d’oylies, which resemble wings. Stick the d’oylies and the gold paper to the white triangle.
Kim: “This is looking good!”

Cut out another piece of white card, this time in a circular shape and, with coloured markers, draw eyes, a nose, and a mouth. This is to be the angel’s face.

Kim: “What do you mean she looks like me?”

For a special finishing touch glue some spangly lametta stuff to the back of your angel’s head, et voila! You have the bestest Christmas angel in the world! Hoorah!
And Kim’s verdict: “She’s an angel after my own heart! Haha!”