Rock star Kim gets revenge on Mr. Nasty

Blonde rock star Kim Wilde, who has been wowing Wacko Jacko fans during his record breaking European tour, got her own back on a neighbour she disliked.

Kim cut out a subscription form to a raunchy sex mag and landed the Mr. Nasty next door in trouble with his Mrs. Prankster Kim confessed that “she made her neighbours’ lives a misery” to a teeny magazine. And she tried to find out whether a boyfriend was two-timing her, by pretending to be another girl.

Kim targeted a former neighbour after discussing her dislikes with a girlfriend. She said: “My best friend and I cut out a subscription coupon from Playboy and we got a years supply sent to my next door neighbour. Then we doctored their milk bill once, and altered it to quite a lot of money.”


Then joker Kim and her friend waited for the explosion on the doorsteps. She added: “They had complete hysterics.”

Another prank backfired on the pop lovely when she telephoned a hunky boyfriend and pretended to be another girl… She revealed: “He seemed a bit too pleased to hear her voice. I did not go out with him for long.”

Later the young star – who has just had a huge No. 3 chart smash with You Came – talked of her admiration for Wacko. Kim, who described the eccentric superstar as “very sane and very normal” said she wouldn’t hear a bad word against him. She said she was fed up of hearing fictitious tales about her love life whic hlinked her romantically with Steve Strange, Adam Ant and Rick Astley.