Name: Kim Smith
Born: November 18, 196
In: Chiswick (London)
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Sign: Scorpion
Height: 1.65 meters

When you look at a photo of Kim Wilde, you tend to wonder if her attractiveness is true or if it’s just the result of a complicated makeup process. In person, Kim also displays all her charms, leaving her beauty aside. She welcomes us with a daring denim jacket, hair and a huge smile, as if he had always been singing. Although at first she seems somewhat shy, as soon as you start to remember her career, full of success since she released his first album in 1981, little by little she opens up to the conversation. Her busy promotion tour doesn’t prevents her from continuing to be a communicative woman who enjoys contact with others: “I have learned to live with popularity. At the beginning it was difficult, but now I have become accustomed to it. It is not easy sometimes to have a normal life, but in general I am lucky, because my audience is quite positive, and they do not overwhelm me when I go down the street. I like talking to others because they give me their opinions about what I am doing, they tell me if they liked it this or that video, or if this album is better than the previous one and because they believe it, it’s not just simple fans in many cases, but people who have continued my career in a continuous way and who know my way of working in the music,” she tells us.

Now Kim is a little in transit, as she acknowledges. She has left London to settle in a huge farm on the outskirts of the British capital, in a large, bright, traditional house, very quiet but not without comfort (for example, he has installed a complete recording studio in one of the rooms). The field has always been one of his passions, and now he thinks to enjoy the maximum of tranquility: “I don’t usually have much time for myself, but if I’m not working I love to wake up late, without hurry. My favorite place, almost my refuge at home, it’s the bedroom, and when I can I like to sleep. After getting a little ready I go to see my family or my friends to see how they are; I’m going to play with my two nephews, my brother’s children, those that I love a lot; or I go shopping. “

However, to relax, Kim expresses her thoughts with a good canvas, although she has never seen it as a business, but as a pleasure: “Art is one of my great passions. I can spend hours and hours watching an interesting exhibition, reading about my favorite artists or painting a picture at home. I think it is important to express your feelings in the way that seems most appropriate, and in my case I relax a lot with the brushes. “

Perhaps one of the secretaries to have always connected so well with the public has been the passing of the critics on more than one occasion. Kim likes to read what is written about her, but whenever it is with a certain basis: “I don’t mind offering a sexy image. Around me there have been sometimes a lot of glamour, but the only thing I can say to those who discredit my music, just looking at my image, is that they are very wrong about me. I have always controlled to the maximum the quality of my songs, seeking the help of the best musicians and giving myself to the maximum. Luckily, I think the public knows very well what I am able to do. “