The other side of Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde is having success with her single ‘You Came’ and that makes her very happy of course. But her happiness doesn’t just consist of music and success. Kim has another side. A side that only few people know…

“I believe in fate. I believe that everything that happens to you, is predestined. My future is certain. I can’t change that.” Kim Wilde says it very resolutely. There’s nothing left of the shy, somewhat unsure Kim of old. She is a selfassured, modern young woman now. 28 years and routined in pop business. A few years ago Kim said to Muziek Expres: ‘I don’t like doing interviews. I am not fast enough. I just say something and then in retrospect I think: I’d better not said that. But then you can’t turn back and the next day you read in the papers what you didn’t mean…’
Nowadays Kim is doing a lot better. She speaks pensively, but spontaneous about the things that keep her mind busy. Her thoughts, her fantasies.
Kim: “I love science fiction and I fantasize about life in the future. Star Trek, Star Wars, those kind of movies inspire me. Contact with beings from other planets, revolutionary developments in the technical world…” But travelling and literature also take up a lot of Kim’s attention. “Most of all I like to read about travelling around the world. Autobiographies of people who have something to say. I can also enjoy old fairy tales, Snowwhite and such. Great stories full of romance. So very different from reality…”
The blonde singer loves contradictions. She likes working in a dark studio for days to get into nature afterwards. “Nature is so overwhelming, it makes you feel how really small you are as a human being. How tiny and unimportant. And how insignificant some things really are. In my business it’s really important to look good, for instance. You choose your clothes carefully and spend hours in front of the mirror to look as good as possible. And I can really enjoy that. But when I go hiking through the mountains, I put on some comfortable pants, a warm sweater and some solid shoes and Kim is up for it. I don’t do makeup and then I enjoy it even more!”
And the future, what does Kim think about that? “I don’t do that, really.”, she says. “I live now. I want to enjoy it and I can do it better these days. I have become more independent, more adult, and I live my life the way I want it to. I am realistic enough to see that there’s a lot of misery in this world, and I don’t close my eyes for that. But I don’t go along with all the doom and gloom of people my age. I am very optimistic by nature and I don’t feel threatened by a third world war, the bomb or any other misfortune.