Who makes Kim Wilde happy?

Not so long ago the papers were full of the love affair Kim Wilde would have with Rick Astley. Nonsense of course, because Kim doesn’t like Rick that much. The rumours that there’s ‘something’ between her and Michael Jackson, with whom she is touring around the world, are also unfounded. It is true, however, that Kim is very much in love with Julian Lennon. But Julian isn’t interested in Kim…

Kim Wilde. Not so long ago we met her (See ‘Top 10’ nr. 39). She is beautiful, sweet and very charming. Really a girl many men could fall in love with. But because of different causes Kim has never been able to enjoy the big love. Her relationship with band member Gary ended. ‘Gary was nothing for me’, she says. ‘He is much too possessive and also wanted me to have less contact with my familie. And that won’t happen…’

Head over heels in love

Then there was a French singer, whose name she wants to keep secret. Her feelings for hem remained unanswered and again Kim was left behind all alone. The girl who seemed to have everything to make a man happy was unlucky once again. That situation made her very sad. Then came Julian Lennon. They men on the big festival in Montreux – one and a half years ago. Kim fell head over heels in love but was sensible enough to keep quiet about it this time. And so her relationship with Julian remaineda well kept secret. ‘I loved Jlian’, she says and it seems like she can hardly believe it’s over. That she’s alone again. ‘But maybe’, she says honestly, ‘I did it all wrong. Julian is a few years younger than me and I really wanted to be a motherly friend for him. I mean, a friend who takes care of him.’ It seemed Julian didn’t want that. ‘Especially because he didn’t get a lot of warmth because of the separation of his parents, I thought we’d be very compatible’, says Kim. ‘I want to give warmth. But it seems like no-one wants to have it.’

Sleepless nights

The love didn’t last for very long. ‘Julian has the wrong friends’, knows Kim. ‘He wants to be admired and that’s logical. He is young and doesn’t know about the fleeting nature of famous. I wanted him to have it, but suddenly I realised I could be used for it myself. Julian said that he was seeing me. That heightened his status, he felt. And I couldn’t take that of course. However much pain it caused me, Ihad to break up.’ But the separation from Julian ate Kim away. She slept badly, her career threatened to go down because she was so insanely longing for Julian. When they met again they talked and Kim noticed that Julian felt more for her than he might know himself.
‘Before we knew it we were in eachothers arms’, says Kim, ‘but I knew it wasn’t real deep inside. Of course, I loved him. But did he love me? I doubted it and I couldn’t stand that anymore in the end. So now it’s over for good. And I think it’s terrible, but however strange it may sound: it’s a relief as well. When you feel it coming the uncertainty remains. Now I know what I’m dealing with. And however hard it is, I know that I will find my true happiness one day. For now I’ll just concentrate on my career as a singer.’