Wilde child!

Kim Wilde has a lot to feel good about these days. And she looks brilliant, too! Here Kim shares a few of her fitness tips and beauty secrets.

How important is your image?
I would hate to be tagged a stereotype blonde but my image isn’t entirely crucial. I dress to suit my mood. I love lazing around at home in casual track suits or just jeans and a cosy jumper or loose T-shirt. I have a few posh party numbers too. My favourite is a simple slinky black dress sprinkled with lots of tiny sew-on pearls, so it feels really heavy and fabulous to wear. When I first saw it, on a photo-session while I was working in America, I knew I had to have it! I adore it because it’s a one-off.
I hate shopping for clothes in London so I grab the opportunity whenever I travel. While I’ve been supporting Michael Jackson on his European tour I’ve been very lucky and had my stage wear designed for me. So yep, it is important for me to feel as comfortable as possible and look as good as I can.

Have you always been blonde?
No, when I was at college I started to colour my mousey fair hair blonde and since then I’ve never looked back! I have my hair coloured professionally every couple of months. I do quite like the two-tone effect of darker roots growing through, so if I leave the colour for a few weeks more it doesn’t really matter too much. I’m a lazy person by nature s I’m dead happy with it being bobbed – all I have to do is scrunch  with mousse to give it volume.

Do you experiment with your make up?
No, I’m rather lazy really. My make-up bag is very uncomplicated – it consists of just a few basic products. I don’t believe in spending stacks of money on designer products. I always use a pencil to shade and emphasise my eyes and eyebrows. I use a creamy foundation when my skin’s not especially radiant and I always use my favourite bright red glossy lipstick when I want to look glowing! But in the day time I generally stick t osubtle peachy shades, I feel properly dressed when my lips are on!
Actually I’m also a great believer in cleansing and taking it all off before I jump into bed – it’s just so yukky to wake up to smeary pillows!

Do you have any diet secrets?
No, not me. I’m the worst! I love cooking and enjoy eating most foods in a big way! My favourites are cream cheese and smoked salmon bagels. And I adore chocolate, which is lethal!

Any fitness tips Kim?
I’m one of life’s lucky ladies – the only exercise I do to keep in shape is swim (whenever I get the time) and dance. In fact, once a year I meet up with about 18 of my old school friends and we go ski-ing for a week. It’s great fun catching up with all their news and gossip, actually the ski-ing comes second! Living a hectic life style looks after my general fitness – one way or the other!

If you could change a part of your body what would it be?
Ooh, that’s an easy one – my thighs and me bum of course!