Father Kim Wilde rocks at his 50th

The people behind Kim Wilde’s records are, as you may know, her brother Ricky (the songwriter) and father Marty (the producer). Marty has always been able to advise his daughter because of his experiences as rock and roller in the fifties and sixties. When he celebrated his 50th birthday recently, a live party was organised with as top of the bill… Marty himself.

As his band Bruce Welch and Brian Bennett (The Shadows) and Marty’s old band The Wildcats were recruited. Despite his age Marty seemed to have lost none of his rocker feathers. He wasn’t able, though, to fill a whole night’s programme. That’s why there were also guest performances by Gary Glitter, Tim Rice, Elaine Page and of course daughter Kim.
During the break a gigantic cake in the shape of a guitar was cut. A 50th birthday is not nothing, but Marty will certainly not forget his.