I like… by Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde is an artist, a real one. And the way she talks about things she likes hints at a very high sensitivity, but also an excessive love for life. Sensual and sensitive, she knows and enjoys the scent, smell, taste, a piece of art or the exquisite palpitation of the heart that happens when she is just with the people she loves… And for OK! she opened her heart.

I like music … of course!
I appreciate all kinds of music but there is something quite surprising: I like French pop music that I had the opportunity to hear on the radio here, when I was doing the promo for my record. I do not doubt that there was a production as important for good music. I think it has improved greatly in recent years. Like Laurent (Voulzy) of course, Etienne Daho, Niagara. I love Elsa’s voice, I find it very beautiful. I also like this singer whose music video is very sexy indeed, she appears naked and the action takes place in the eighteenth century. What is her name again? Mylene Farmer, right? That’s it. I love how sexy the French make their videos. In this regard, I like the clip of the singer whose girlfriend is in bed, and then she gets up in a frenzy: this is Marc Lavoine. Yes! I think he sings very well. The French, I think, attach more importance to words that the Anglo-Saxons.

I like writing songs
I started to write about five years when I changed record labels (from EMI to MCA), with my guitarist Steve Bird, after I wrote with my brother. For me, it’s very important because I didn’t want to be just a singer. I wanted to be creative. Besides, if I do not write, I would stop making music, and it certainly would make me unhappy. I have a synth, a twelve track tape and a drum machine. That’s a simple enough way to make good demos even if one is not really technical: I love doing that.

I like Eau de Calandre by Paco Rabanne
I discovered this a year ago and I love it more and more. It is a very good perfume for the day. I wear ‘Chanel No 5’ from time to time. For boys I like Calvin from Calvin Klein: It’s great!

I like clothes, dressing up
To prepare myself, I need lots of time. Often, the day before I look at my closet and I compose a harmonious outfit I’ll wear the next day with great care. I like to buy my clothes all over the world. Like Agnes B and Jean-Paul Gaultier. I love well-made and black clothes, and I appreciate more and more top designers like Christian Dior Classic, Pierre Cardin. But often I wear copies of their style. I do not spend too much money to clothing. I also love comfortable clothes because I travel a lot like tights that stop at the ankle, still in black but it gives a little note just rock enough for feminine dresses. Like the boy’s clothes that I like to mix with women’s clothing.

I like skiing
I ski since the age of thirteen. At that time, I went to the snow with school. After finishing my studies, I continued to ski with my friends. I’m going to go to St. Anton, Austria, next week. I like skiing because it’s a bit dangerous but not too much. It is also a challenge and it happens in the fresh air. Most of the time I’m in television studios or in recording studios. I also enjoy mountain scenery and snow, and the social aspect of the sport. And relaxation after the effort, what a wonder!

I like people who have taste
in dressing, furnishing, choosing the flowers they buy for their homes, the way they wear makeup, etc. I attach great importance to small details that make all the difference.

I like French cheeses and eating in general
Goat cheese, camembert, French red wines, but also Evian water make me happy.

I like to have good company
I had some very good friends, before being famous, I grew up with and who are not in the ‘music business’. They have a salutary effect on me just because they live in a different world, ‘normal’ so to speak.

I like painting
I love almost all styles of painting. Several of my friends are painters. They offered me the portraits of me for Christmas or my birthday. I do not specially like the great painters, but I like the way some people express themselves through painting or other art form.

I like staying home and I also like going out, meeting people
I like going to restaurants, private parties. In contrast, the discotheque does not interest me much.

I like my family
I love my brothers, my father and my mother who always supported me as much emotionally as professionally.