Kim Wilde

[Translated for Wilde Life by Krasimira]

Everywhere in the world the English woman Kim Smith is known as Kim Wilde ­ the famous pop-rock singer. Songs are written by father Marty, rocker with a history, brother Ricky is doing the arrangements and Micki Most, the famous record producer and musician (ex-Animals, now owner of RAK studios and close friend to the WILDE family), is responsible for the record distribution.

Kim became a singer occasionally ­ they were even predicting a movie carrier for her, while only a child. Well, she didn’t become a movie star, but she happened to be a good singer instead ­ her latest album ‘Close’, 1988 doesn’t leave any doubts about her talent. ‘My favorite group is Metallica’ ­ Kim says ­ and her brother Ricky considers that in his sister’s performances you can find as much expression as there is in a heavy metal frontman performance. Maybe he is right ­ you can always find a similarity as long as you search for it.