Kim Wilde is getting married!!!

Many boy’s hearts will break, but this week we have heard that the 27-year old English singer Kim Wilde and Johnny Hates Jazz keyboard player Calvin Hayes (one year younger than Kim) have made plans to get married soon. Both are busy recording new albums at the moment, so the marriage has been postponed for a few months, but you can bet that early ’90 Calvin and Kim will be husband and wife. A friend of Calvin’s told us: ‘Yes, it’s true. Calvin has proposed to Kim during a dinner in a London restaurant, and Kim was positive.’ The lovebirds, who have been together for a year, got to know one another six years ago. Calvin, then a drummer in Kim’s band, had made advances to Kim with the goal to bind her, but they didn’t have the desired result, until this week. Both are from a famous pop nest: Kim’s father is the famous pop singer from the ’50s Marty Wilde, at the same time Calvin’s father was a regular in the charts as Mickie Most.