Kim Wilde. Singer, 33. Height: 5ft 5in. All-time low: 8st 4lb. High: 11st 3lb

It seemed as if every time Kim had a hit album, she turned to food or drink to help her cope with the pressures of fame. As far back as 1983, Kim admitted she found it hard to cope, saying: ‘The more success I have, the more vulnerable I feel.’
Currently looking better than she has in a long time, she has cut out red meat, cheese and stodgy food, and taken up step aerobics and swimming.

Our expert says:

If you comfort-eat, you’re not alone. Almost everybody does to a greater or lsser extent – but if it’s making you fat you must deal with the problems that are causing it.
If it’s the same one or two things upsetting you all the time something has to change.
Or, if your comfort-eating is due to a different problem or trigger, you may be over-reacting and need to relax more and not have such high expectations.