Review: Close – The Videos

Who makes these things? Well it says on the box who, but what are they? Sadistics with a chip on their shoulder about celebrities? I mean, poor Kim. She’s had her hair pulled and tugged, moussed and massaged into shape for hours on end and then this director comes along and stands her in front of a gusting wind-machine. Now that’s what we call… particularly stupid.

Eyes blinking through “You Keep Me Hanging On (In A Force Ten Gale)” Kim looks like the clumsy, podgy, uncomfortable newcomer that she was at the time of her first LP. By the end of the song she’d had enough. She’s lying on a bed exhausted. She’s not going to play anymore.

Fortunately it gets better. She’s cast in the starring role with the squeaking Junior in ‘Another Step (Closer To You)’ and majestically sways around ‘Hey Mister Heartache’ despite the storyline’s cumbersome romance with a Milton Keynes casual.

Tragedy strikes again during the slushy B-movie style ‘Four Letter Word’ (not just the return of the wind machine but fake rain too) but her smiling aura is salvaged by ‘You Came’ with its work-out dancing and live shots of her support shows with Michael Jackson last year.
At least during the real gigs, the sun’s shining.